Corporate philosophy


LEKS GROUP AD develops its corporate activities, relying on sustainable, successful and dynamic business based both on respect for traditions and the continuous ambition for self-improvement. The company keeps the trust gained by following the constant corporate philosophy of innovative, competent and reliable satisfaction of the specific needs of its customers and partners.


The desire to provide its customers with products and services of the highest quality, and the continuous striving for loyal and honest relationships with current and future partners, underlie the corporate mission of LEKS GROUP AD.


In order to keep its success and build new solid positions, the company truly believes in the values which outline its existence and constant progress:

Customer Care – Customers are at the root of the successful development of any business - that's why LEKS GROUP is constantly striving to meet their specific needs.

Flexibility – The company focuses its efforts on the rapid and positive acceptance of changes as an integral part of the development of the sector it operates successfully in. 

Trust – It is essential for the team of LEKS GROUP AD to keep and strengthen the trust in the company that has been built over the years by its clients and partners.

Ambition – The company strives to offer the highest quality of service and flawless performance in all areas of its business.

Responsibility - LEKS GROUP AD is aware of the social responsibility they bear to their employees, partners, customers and society as a whole.